Rolling Stones by Richard E. Aaron

The Rolling Stones. This shot was done in Canada. Keith got busted for drugs and as payment he had to do a free concert for the blind. I was one of the photographers, I think there might have been one other photographer that they let in, and I was shooting I guess I was about six feet away from the group. When I got to the venue I waked over to security and I said, hey, am I going to have any problems with the audience, I’ll stay low, and he started laughing, I said why are you laughing, and he said, well I guess that you don’t know that the first fifty rows are all blind people, (as this was a concert for the sighted I named the concert ‘the blind concert’) and he said you can stand, you can walk, you can do whatever you want nobody will see you. So I shot the whole show from six feet away, the stage was probably up to my stomach so I just sit there, I shot a lot of film, I think I shot eighty rolls of film that night.

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