Frank Zappa by Richard E. Aaron

Frank Zappa. Every Halloween, October 31st, Frank Zappa would play a venue in New York City and play his Halloween concert and after the show they would always have a party at a swanky club or a swanky restaurant in New York. After the show was over and we all went to the club, we had the food and Frank went all over to say hello to everybody, I of coarse was shooting for the record label and it was winding down and people were leaving and going home. I was sitting at a table getting my cameras ready to pack up and I turned and it was Frank sitting next to me, and I said I want to do a shot of you but I wanted to use a prop and the only thing that was on the table was a fork, I said hey Frank do me a favour and just pick up the fork and just give me a glare, and this is what I captured.

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