About M&R Entertainment Merchandising

For more than 150 years, photographers have been creating images that have a quality and fascination unlike any other medium. The invention of the camera forever changed the course of the visual arts, and so powerful are these crystallized moments of time that many a photograph has become the iconic image by which an entire era or celebrity is defined.

No collecting field is richer or more varied than photography and major institutions and private individuals are forming exceptional collections of these iconic images. M&R is dedicated to finding the most rare and iconic images from throughout the world. Classic art that will help create iconic collections for both pleasure and investment purposes.

We are continuing the tradition of immortalizing these Icons by identifying the most rare photograph archives and meticulously restoring the images in order to achieve the best possible image quality. Each piece is then reproduced as a limited edition on canvas and/or fiber based photo paper, in order to achieve the most vibrant image and long lasting reproduction available.

M&R Entertainment Merchandising Inc. is a premier entertainment brand marketing company. The company focuses on high-end entertainment art, and collaborations with individuals and major organizations. M&R have been producing limited edition fine art prints and reproductions on canvas and fine art papers since 1999 and is a fully integrated company, controlling production, distribution and retail.

M&R also offer a custom service to sponsors, team owners and corporations for gifts and presentations. A personalized custom edition can be comissioned and reproduced to any size on canvas and/or fine art papers as archival museum quality fine art for your individual needs and requirements. Please contact us for detailed information and cost guidelines.

Most of our editions are presented in two formats, (although it does vary depending on the collection), an archival museum quality photograph limited edition and an archival museum quality canvas limited edition. Both edition formats are numbered and embossed with our seal of authenticity and come complete with a certificate of authenticity.